How to find the right photographer for your wedding

Can I be honest and share a little of my heart with you? I don’t envy the boat you’re in with picking a photographer for your wedding! The last estimate that I saw on the internet said there are over 40 million photographers in the US.

The good news is you have options. The bad news is finding the right one can lead to extra stress and time to wade through your options.

I sincerely hate stress and typically try to remove it in my life as quickly as I can. When I started to think about your situation as a couple and finding a photographer, I started getting stressed for you. This got me thinking about the best way I could help you and if I were to pick a wedding photographer again for my wedding what I’d look for.

I’m giving you my list of 3 things I would want in a wedding photographer if I were to do it over again

1. Do you love their photographs? 

This is truly at the heart of the decision that you need to make. If your heart and eyes resonate with the photos you see and you think in your head “I want that”, then you’re headed in the right direction for finding your photographer. Throw out your first thought about the price tag and see if you could envision yourself in their photographs and know you’d love them. If you get hung up on thinking “they’re beautiful photographs but I could never look that good in a photo no matter who took it” then you’re wrong (I’m going to get to that in another point). If money was no object, who would you want to hire? That is the foundation of where you need to start. Your wedding day is just that; one day. You don’t get any do-overs and you’re putting a lot of money and time into making it perfect. You want your photographs to reflect your dream of your day, so cutting corners on your second or third favorite photographer for the sake of budget can ultimately end with you having a bad taste in your mouth. Follow your heart and move earth and heaven to get the photographer you want: you won’t regret it.

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2. Do they get us as a couple?

Wedding photography goes way beyond knowing what the best light and angles are. A good photographer asks questions and genuinely listens to your wants, needs and concerns. A connection should be at the heart of your relationship with your photographer. And yes, we personally view it as a relationship. You’re inviting your photographer into some very private and important moments and you need to know that you’ll feel comfortable with them being present for those moments. It’s also not just about the bride; the groom often gets left out in the cold on the photographer selection and frankly the whole wedding photography experience in general. We say that the groom is NOT an afterthought. We meet with our couples together before we ever book a couple to make sure we are a good fit and that you both choose us together. The number of grooms who say “oh goody, photo time” is in the single digit percentile. We get that and it’s one of the areas we’ve worked to cultivate over the years. The experience should be enjoyable for both of you!

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pink navy suit groom mountain3. Am I going to love the process AND the photographs? 

I sincerely struggle with my body image every day. I battle having a negative mindset about myself: I’m too tall, my posture is terrible, I have no jawline. These insecurities become heightened when I’m in front of a camera. I love how our culture is helping to turn this terrible mindset around with slogans like “you are enough”, “you are beautiful just the way you are”.  The slogans help until you have a camera staring you in the face and all the sudden, you’re back to not even knowing what to do with your hands! The bottom line is, I feel yah boo. You want to look beautiful in person and in photographs on your wedding day. This is where the process comes into play and is oh so important. Frankly, these details separate experienced photographers from the newbies. Besides operating a camera with the right settings, respectfully encouraging uncle Bob to move out of the shot with his flip phone camera, we’re going to move heaven and earth to make sure you feel and look beautiful in your photographs. If it means making micro adjustments to how your head is angled or giving you something to do with your hands, we’re going to discreetly make those adjustments and watch for small but important details all while capturing beautiful moments. When you’re together, we’re looking for ways that you like to interact as a couple and then we’re guiding you into authentic moments with various cues and scenarios to make the time smooth and relaxed. Guys, this often means giving you lots of action points and working swiftly and efficiently so you can get back to hanging out with the fellas before the ceremony or getting to the reception with your beautiful new bride in a timely manner. There aren’t a lot of things in this world that I’m very confident about but I know for a fact that I can make you look and feel stunning in your photographs.

We’ve studied and refined our process over the last five years to address the fears we had on our wedding day. If you’d like to know one of our secret tips click here. We have an approach that is outside the old school box of photography. If our list of three things resonates with you we’d love to talk with you more about your wedding day. You can book a no pressure discovery call here.

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