Planning your wedding can be one of the most intensive experiences of your life, yet one with the biggest reward: your dream day. But let’s face it, that sea of Pinterest pictures you’ve been staring at can make you feel more overwhelmed than inspired. Taking the visions from your head and making them a reality is definitely possible, it’s just about the course you take to get there.

Your wedding day is all about your story, and I want to share some helpful ways you can tell it with clarity in your wedding photographs and the entire celebration itself.

Here are 5 steps you can take to creating your own Pinterest Perfect Wedding.


  1. Map out your details

Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your day and can even affect how your guests dress for your wedding. When creating your invitations, start with the question “what’s the story of my wedding?” and figure out a theme for your celebration. Once you’ve landed on a theme you love, make sure to list out all of the themed elements along with your invitation to photograph. This will create compelling visuals for your wedding’s story. Having all your details in order (i.e. rings, jewelry, special perfume, and gifts) that tell the tale of your day in one place is perfect for your photographer to capture your story when they arrive. These details have to flow together into one cohesive statement, which leads me to my next step…  

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  1. Hire a wedding planner

I talk often about the importance of hiring a wedding planner (you can read more about it here), and I can’t recommend this enough. Every good story is told in a cohesive way, and a wedding planner will make sure that all the pieces of your wedding day are tied together. Your wedding planner will make sure each vendor is on the same page in telling your story the way you want. Stay tuned for an updated list of my favorite Colorado wedding planners and list of destination and international planners. 

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  1. Hire the right vendors

Listen to your wedding planner and others in the industry; they have a short list of preferred vendors they trust to do the job right. A vendor will always leave a lasting memory, it just depends on if it’s a good or bad memory. We once worked with a DJ that ruined our couples’ wedding reception. Everything else about the wedding was beautifully curated, and the reception was gorgeous, yet the thing that stays with the guests was the memory of the DJ — and not in a good way.


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  1. Trust your photographer

Photographs are an impactful way of capturing the mood of the day. If you’re stressed, it’ll show in your photos. Making sure that you have a clear and realistic timeline of when to take photos can be the defining line between compelling photos and lackluster images. Your photographer can help you with this. They come with a lot of experience and can make sure there’s enough time to document the subtle details of your day.

Another important reason to create a clear timeline with your photographer is to make sure you’re taking your photos at an ideal time — one of those perfect times is the golden hour. The Golden Hour is perfectly named for a reason — it means perfect lighting. All of those amazing Pinterest and wedding magazine photos have one thing in common: good lighting. If you’re taking some of your most important photos (i.e. your first look, bridal party, and bridal portraits), you’ll risk having harsh shadows from the high noon sun, and it won’t properly capture the beauty of your day.

Have a conversation with your photographer about the best times to take photos and make sure they’re in the timeline. An experienced photographer will be able to navigate when lighting is less than ideal, but there is no replacement for good lighting and the magic it can bring to your photos.


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  1. Take risks

This is your day and it shouldn’t emulate anyone else’s. This is your time to stand out and tell your unique story. Whether you express yourself with a different kind of wedding dress or an uncommon venue, you can trust your wedding planner to be bold and different along with you. You don’t need mason jars or distressed burlap to stand out, choose elements that you connect with on an emotional level. And who knows, this can even make your wedding a contender to be featured in a publication!

I look forward to hearing about your Pinterest Perfect Wedding day ideas and stories. Let’s make them happen together!

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