We believe that when a client hires us they do so for our ability to tell their story authentically and beautifully. The term “Fine Art” scares a lot of people because they don’t understand it. Fine Art simply means “a type of art that is done to create beautiful things”. I like to change the term a little to a “type of art form that is created to tell a beautiful story”.  Our emphasis is to allow you to to be present in each beautiful moment of your day without the stress of forced posed photos. We take the pressure out the often perceived nerves and awkwardness of being photographed. We guide you and direct you into natural and genuine moments that are authentic to who you are as a couple. Every wedding is unique and offers an opportunity for a love story to be told in completely different ways: we believe our job is to document the moments, even the small ones. We strive to encapsulate memories in a tangible form for future generations. We emulate a film look and feel (when we're not actually shooting film). Film is timeless and we are dedicated to producing a product that is going to stand the test of time and will become a timeless heirloom for your family. 




Thank you for stopping by Sarah Porter Photography. Although we are called “Sarah Porter Photography”, we are a husband and wife team.


We are two creatives devoted to telling your story with an authentic and intentional approach.


Sarah Porter Photography was founded in 2012, when Jerry said 3 magic words to Sarah "GO FOR IT". Their differing personalities and strengths lead to a beautiful collaboration of telling your story in a holistic way. 


Hello! I'm Sarah, the principal photographer of Sarah Porter Photography. I love hearing other people's stories so it doesn't take too much to pry mine out of me. I've had a rather tumultuous career path (interior design, cosmetology school, communications major...etc)  but I believe it has actually played a huge part in how I approach documenting weddings and lifestyle sessions. My various career paths and hobbies have helped me learn to utilize natural light, find people’s personal beauty and connect with my clients on a deeper and more personal level. During my "wild days", foreign travel fed and drove a larger desire to create better photography and learn about art. Somewhere along the way, I traded my disposable camera for professional camera equipment and most recently added a medium format film camera to my collection. 


My love for relationships and connecting with people lead me to discover that people are my favorite subject to photograph. When not behind the lens, I love being a #boymom to our two sons, Asher and Judah. Unfortunately, I fall into the category of probably half of the photographers of the world when it comes to my interests.  I love coffee (especially learning about various manual brewing techniques), traveling (food for the soul), a good half marathon, and a bit of interior design (hollaback-- Fixer Upper?). I struggle with trying to paint the picture of perfection on social media, so take that all with a grain of salt.  I believe that I married one of the greatest men God created and am completely undeserving of his love-- unless he drinks my rootbeer that I was saving for a float. I'm a sinner saved by grace and a hot mess business owner trying to find the right balance between family life and business.


       "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." – Coco Chanel

What are five words people associate me with behind my back:
Reliable, determined, semi-awkward, loyal and insightful. 


Jerry brings the cool, calm and collected to every wedding. He is more traditional in his shooting which frees Sarah up to explore being more creative with how she approaches capturing your story. Jerry got his start in photography in Jr. High when he was the photographer for his school paper. Jerry then applied his photography skills in his career as a Sergeant at the Weld County Sheriff’s Office with crime scene photography. We’ll spare you the literally gory details!


Jerry doesn’t fit into any kind of hipster category; he likes shooting guns, working out, playing video games and is very outdoorsy if it involves two things- grilling and sitting on the patio with a drink. Fortunately, he shares a love for Christ, coffee, travel and cooking with Sarah. Most evenings you can find us watch something on Netflix, we don't have cable or tv so if something major happens in the world please call us and let us know. Jerry spends most of his free time with our sons and is a bad influence in the thrillseeking department for them. He makes sure I don't get too uptight about germs, messes, business, and life in general. He's a photographer and your backup security detail on wedding days. 


        “Lord, give me firmness without hardness, steadfastness without dogmatism, love without weakness.” ― Jim Elliot


What are five words people associate with Jerry behind his back: Honest, compassionate, giving, dauntless and reserved.